Company "Synergy" is the direct supplier of details cистемы coolings of engines and a central air of air for cars of foreign manufacture from leading international manufacturers on the national market since 2002.

We are engaged in sale of contract engines, AKPP and a check point, cooling and conditioner radiators, and accessories to them, for cars of following marks:

All units are delivered directly from Japan, Germany, the USA, etc. the countries, and have all necessary documents for statement on the account in GAI.

Also we offer services in installation of the spare parts set forth above on our service.
Now available in a warehouse there is a wide choice of radiators of cooling of the engine, radiators of the conditioner, radiators of ovens, electro-fans of cooling and heating for automobile foreign cars, and also radiators of cooling of the engine, radiators of the conditioner, electro-fans of an oven for lorries of foreign manufacture
Constant search of foreign partners and the conclusion of contracts of direct deliveries from factories of manufacturers allows to go by the way of increase in assortment of autospare parts of systems of cooling offered by us and air-conditioning.

The attentive relation to clients allows to inform as much as possible qualitatively all information on production offered by us.

Presence of spare parts in a warehouse is constantly updated.