Installation of engines.

We recommend to you to establish units at us.

1. Our masters will more loyally concern your car.

2. In case of distinction your "native" hinged in the car and on our motor they will replace improper details.

3. If you on the broken motor have that that better and novee (and such happens), for example before breakage you have established new belts and have covered with chrome klapannuju a cover that for a unit complete set the best will be certainly established!

4. Happens that the unit got by you on what that to the reason has not gone or has not approached you. In this case in difference from other services from you money for the done work DO NOT TAKE! Whether and as we will not have questions its your "experts" have spoilt

5. On some units suppliers give to us about THREE MONTHS ON CHECK!

And we certainly will give to you too.

6. And as under your request will help to eliminate prochii not prosperities in a car.

7. Our masters have experience more than 10 years on replacement of units, and know as it quickly and qualitatively to make.

For a long-term operational experience we met "masters" which forgot to fill in oil, filled in not that antifreeze. Cannot often establish the motor which not from your car but the same model or even absolutely other model. Then, the person orders evakuator and brings this disassembled and sometimes lost, and already stuff to us. Then for two-three days we collect and we return it the working car! Understand to alter after others on much more difficult!!!

Certainly at each case there are nuances, from it nobody is insured.

But a little bit foreign masters know as to make replacement of the unit from Volvo on mitsubisi, with Mitsubishi on a Crysler, from the BMW on the Jaguar and on the contrary. After all many motorcar giants use the same motors, simply dress them in different "odezhku" and give other names!

Installation on our service in Moscow

Replacement DVS by cars — 13000 rouble
Replacement DVS by off-road cars and minivans 15000-18000 rouble
Replacement AKPP (with stretcher removal 8000-9000 rouble), without removal — 6000 rouble) — 6000 rouble
Replacement MKPP automobile, 2WD — 5000 rouble, 4WD — 6000-8000 rouble
The prices are resulted without the account of cost of account materials.